I have taken a new position

I am now working at a group buying company, BuyWithMe. We are competing in an industry that is exploding. The economics are very interesting and the market is organizing very quickly (Groupon raising over 100 million, Living Social raising over 50 million). We, right now, are in position # 3. I am in the process of building a marquis staff of experienced and talented individuals that, like me, have spent years working building large-scale web applications using a consumer focused/lean approach. If you are interested in joining what is becoming  to 2010 what social networks were in 2006, come join me. Anyone who has worked with me knows that I value intelligence, commitment, and humility. I am going to re-start my discussion of my learnings post Napster being acquired by BestBuy. But in the meantime, I am going to talk about cutting edge product development approaches and how we are leveraging empirical or lean start-up approaches to building our portfolio at BuyWithMe.com. We are building our organization with fast feedback and consumer focus in mind. We will chase product/market fit mercilessly. Come and join me!! I haven’t been this excited in quite a long time.

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