Focusing on “new product development”


I am going to restart this blog. Going to talk about – primarily – succeeding with new product development efforts and marketing optimization approaches. My intent is to reflect operations theory, microeconomics, machine learning, and statistical analysis against the world of building new products and to see what ideas and insights emerge.

To tackle the topic :  “succeeding with new product development efforts” we will have to push against two key themes of this blog:

  1. Are we building the right software? – aka. product/market fit
    • Are we solving an acute and pervasive customer problem or need?
    • Are we doing it in a novel, differentiated way?
    • Do we understand and know our core customer segments?
    • Do we have simple ways of getting our software in their hands?
    • Do we have a validated get/keep/grow strategy that works economically?
    • How are we capturing value for the firm (monetizing our software)?
    • etc
  2. Are we building the software right? – aka. development flow/time to market
    • Are we able to evolve our software quickly in the face of our evolving ?understanding of the market and how to delight it?
    • How quickly can we move from “concept to cash” (deliver to market)?
    • Do we understand the economics of our development cycle?
    • How do conceptualize technical debt?
    • How do we make decisions about product/software development issues?
    • What kinds of organizational designs & process models are we using?
    • etc