Im a software product guy : part engineer, part marketer

I have spent over 25 years building software enabled products and businesses. Data-driven & value oriented – most of my experience has been in either:

● early to mid stage startups (pre/post series A &/or MVP) moving into growth/scale mode
● more mature companies in need of product line transformation (innovation).

I have successfully created and launched several world-class products that have generated meaningful revenue (double – triple digit millions of dollars) and that have served meaningful customer segments (double digit millions of customers)

  • I lead product & technology during Reunion.com’s scale from 100k to 10M members and less than $1M in annual revenue to over $75M in annual revenue between 2003-2007
  • I lead product & technology at Napster when it was sold to BestBuy for $121M in 2009
  • I lead product, technology, & growth marketing at BuyWithMe when we sold to to Gilt in 2011
  • I lead Screambox in 2014 and 2015, raised their first round of angel investment, & scaled customers from 10k to over 100k
  • I lead product & growth at Goldbelly and doubled revenue in 2017 and 2018

I am very interested in the intersection of online markets and products and about how to take advantage of technology to create goodness there.  Technological innovation on the web is having a dramatic effect upon how people understand and interact with the world around them.  New markets and industries are popping up as quickly as existing industries are collapsing or transforming. Many of the standard approaches to creating and growing businesses and products are no longer effective.  I am going to focus on describing these changes as well as discussing how they are impacting

  • how businesses interact with and understand their customers – Market
  • how businesses build products and deliver them to consumers – Product
  • what business models firms are adopting – Business Model
  • the ways in which business view themselves and their own evolution – Organization/Culture

At the end of the day, I am an experimenter and builder. I love building software and when you are building software there are two fundamental questions that need to be asked:

  • Are you building the software right?
  • Are you building the right software?

How firms, teams, and individuals think about and answer these questions (explicitly or tacitly) fundamentally impacts their performance & the performance of the products they build.

As we explore Market, Product, Business Model, & Organization concepts, I will evaluate approaches, theories, & models in light of these two questions.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Meredith Knowles

    Congrats on the new gig. With the potential Groupon acquisition it must be even more exciting.
    I am a District Sales Manager for Terremark – and am interested in discussing how our Enterprise Cloud would be an excellent platform for buywithme. Our platform is the underlying infrastructure for your #1 competitor.
    I am local to Boston but am happy to meet you in NY. I can be reached at mknowles@terremark.com or 617-807-0564.

    Good luck in your endeavor!

  2. Yumi

    Hi Mr. Wolfe,

    Who can I contact at BuyWithMe about a donation to Larchmont Charter West Hollywood school’s upcoming auction? I did a general email request 2 weeks ago on the website but have not received an answer yet.



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